Bio - Shield

Bio - Shield

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Defend against environmental toxins and pollutants and detoxify with our Bio-Shield formula.

  • Protects cells against oxidative damage from free radicals.
  • Fortifies detoxification process.
  • Builds immunity.
  • Bladderwrack and Turkeytail support liver function and guard against toxin absorption.

Use our Bio-Shield blend if you’re experiencing the negative effects of environmental pollutants and toxins.

Made with organic cane alcohol, spring water, and organic herbs:

Bladderwrack 1:4, QCE 29.5mg
Reishi Dual Extract 1:5, QCE 23.6mg
Turkey Tail Dual Extract 1:5, QCE 23.6mg
Asian Ginseng 1:4, QCE 29.5mg
Eleuthero 1:5, QCE 23.4mg
Nettles 1:6, QCE 19.5mg
Burdock 1:4, QCE 29.5mg
Catnip 1:6, QCE 23.6mg
Kelp 1:4, QCE 29.5mg