Founded in 2017, Holistic Beauty Bar has been and is a destination for organic and holistic facials and spa practices, medical aesthetic's and products. Sharing our knowledge in beauty, naturals and lifestyle. We live by the philosophy that "Beauty and radiant skin must be created from the person as a whole." 

Founder Tunde Nessan has been working as an aesthetician for 15 plus years.  She believes that our skin is a reflection and result of one's overall wellbeing. She approaches her organic facials with care and personalization. Treating and educating her clients on the importance of a holistic lifestyle to balance the person as a whole. Her mission is for you to leave with mental clarity, increased energy, and with a vibrant and more nourished complexion.

Our registered nurse, Elizabeth has many years of experience. Her goal is to enhance your natural features with the benefits of modern technology. Whether you want softness, fullness or a more rested look, Elizabeth will help you achieve the look you want, while offering pain management options. Botox® and Dysport along with dermal fillers are available the Bar. 

Andrea Nygren is the mom-next-door intuitive who is a Teacher's Teacher to lightworkers around the world.  A very serious health scare of Lyme disease was the siren's call that led this former yoga teacher and somatic psychology major to finally turn to the wisdom of her native ancestors.  It was here she found not only her restored health, but her soul's purpose. Recognizing the untapped gifts in these teachings long forgotten by society, she developed an insatiable appetite for expertise and understanding in the teachings of the world's ancient healers.   Today she is one of the most sought sources for lightworkers seeking to uplevel their own understandings. A powerful and engaging combo of both wise one and forest fairy, she delights her students with her teachings, making the oft-deep teachings, approachable, understandable and lasting to all.  When not inspiring and expanding the light of lightworkers, you can find Andrea at home with her husband and five New Earth children, in their forest home of Ontario Canada.